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Ernesto Cinzi

It was an interesting experience working on Vivaldianno, a 3D concert story definitely worth seeing. I was happy about the performance results and even more when I met with the impressions of  the audience. I believe it’s the effect of such amazing synchrony between all show elements, and also the chemistry among the cast.

Eng. Naif Al Ghamdi
Project Consultant at General Culture Authority (GCA)

We are proud to host Europe in Art, especially that it received much attendance and praise. People were happy to bring their families, enjoy the drawing workshops and experience art in a different way. This was indeed an exclusive and inclusive event, and we wish to have many similar exhibitions in the near future.

Rossella Rossi
From the Italian Embassy in Riyadh

I really enjoyed “Europe in Art” Exhibition. The paintings were beautiful and the music selection was amazing, I found the overall atmosphere truly magic! It is so nice to finally be able to experience events like that in Saudi Arabia, it shows that art and music are really universal languages.